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Professional Zen Cart Support
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  • Functional enhancements

    New functions for your Zen Cart Shop

    The scenario: you’ve discovered an enhancement that you’d like to take advantage of. But you’ve no time to plough through the complex technical manuals and barely-comprehensible instructions. So what do you do, when you want to add a new function?

  • Update

    Updating your Zen Cart Shop to obtain the latest version

    Updating to the current version of Zen Cart Shop (1.5.5) requires proper preparation. This is especially true if you’ve already incorporated extra features into your shop, which you wish to continue using.

  • Layout

    Deploying your desired layout

    I deploy your specified design for Zen Cart in such a way that your online shop looks just as you imagined it would, i.e. not like hundreds of others on the web.

  • Development

    Zen-Cart German version

    I collaborate with my team of developers on the German version of Zen Cart, with extra work to ensure that the legal requirements of all the German-speaking countries are taken into account.

  • Changing your ISP?

    Moving to a new server

    Are you thinking of changing your ISP? I can quickly reconfigure your online shop to run on its new server, with a minimum of downtime.

I am on holiday during 15 - 23 september 2017.
My access to email may be limited so please expect a delayed response.