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Professional Zen Cart Support

Use eKomi customer reviews in your Zen Cart shop

eKomi is a neutral review platform with which a shop may be reviewed by customers after making a purchase. With eKomi it is only possible to submit a review in connection with an order in the online shop. So unlike with other providers of this nature, there is not simply a generic review link that the shop operator sends to customers indiscriminately or no public options for submitting an entry at all. So only genuine customer reviews from genuine customers who really have ordered goods from the shop are recorded.

eKomi is not a low-cost provider  but in my experience one of the most reputable ones and above all it offers a fully multilingual solution. For further information on this see www.ekomi.co.uk.

If at least 150 reviews are active, there is a link with Google Adwords, so the reviews also appear in Google.

If you operate your shop in several languages, you may also use shop reviews in several languages. Customers who have, for example, ordered via the English version of your shop receive English-language emails and the English-language reviews are then shown only on the English version of the shop, German-language ones only on the German version etc.

I have written a module for Zen Cart which allows your customers to review your shop via eKomi.

This is purely with regard to the review of the shop. Article reviews remain in Zen Cart. Only shop reviews are supported. The application is independent of Zen Cart. Only a small change is required in Zen Cart so that the language of the order is also transmitted. The application is then addressed via two Cron Jobs which initially check once a day which orders have been put to a specific order status (typically Sent status) and shortly thereafter inform the eKomi API of order numbers and email addresses. After a time, which can be set in eKomi, the emails will then be sent by eKomi to the customers with personalised review links.

eKomi Reviews generated by French orders
eKomi Reviews generated by English orders
eKomi seal from French orders in the store (left bottom)
eKomi seal from English orders in the store (left bottom)

This module is not subject to the GPL licence and it is not permitted to pass it on or to use it in another domain.

You will receive a personalised version tailored to your domain that can only be used there.

System Requirements:
Zen Cart version 1.5.4 or higher
PHP 5.3 or higher

Other Requirements:
eKomi subscription

Cost of the module:

Installation by webchills:
One-off charge from 135 Euros (plus 20% VAT)
(If several languages are used, the charge may be higher.)

After payment via PayPal or bank transfer, I will install the module in your shop and configure it to your special setup. In the shop, I incorporate the display of the eKomi widget as soon as you have gathered the first reviews. For this I need FTP access to your shop.

If you are interested in eKomi integration into Zen Cart, please use the contact form.