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Professional Zen Cart Support
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One of the great strengths of Zen Cart is its expandability
There are already a great number of modules designed to add new functions or modify existing ones. As complex enhancements often involve radical alteration of the existing structure of the online shop, new modules should first be incorporated using a test system. This allows the modifications to be thoroughly tested and fine-tuned before going live in the actual online shop.

Perhaps you have discovered an add-on at zen-cart.com, zen-cart-pro.at, or in some other Zen Cart online shop, which you would like to start using. But you’ve no time to plough through the complex technical manuals and barely-comprehensible instructions, doubtless preferring to concern yourself with your online business, rather than the technical underpinnings that make it run. Or maybe your desired enhancement isn’t available in your language, or needs to do things that the default version can’t.

I specialise in adding enhancements/modifications to Zen Cart, and am equipped with the required test systems. If you decide to have your online shop enhanced by webchills, you can be sure that there will be no unpleasant surprises further down the line.