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Professional Zen Cart Support

Is your Zen Cart Shop starting to look a little dog-eared?

There are always plenty of reasons for keeping the application updated. But it’s never a question of updating just for the sake of it.

  • Security: Zen Cart, like any complex software running on a web server, is bound to suffer from occasional security glitches. The current updated version always includes the required security patches. Please note that you should under no circumstances be operating any version of Zen-Cart prior to 1.5.6, as you run a serious risk of becoming a victim of hackers!
  • Bugs: : Bug-free software simply does not exist. It therefore follows that bug-free online shop systems are just as rare. Zen Cart also contains bugs. However, the presence of a highly-active community of users ensures that newly-discovered bugs are quickly dealt with by means of the patches supplied with each current update.
  • Functional characteristics: New enhancements are always developed for the current release of Zen Cart, and cannot be used with older versions of the application. The underlying system of the current release is also enhanced with new functions designed to make the application easier to work with.
  • Language support: The utf-8 support provided with the current version 1.5.6 makes it easier to incorporate even less widely-spoken languages.
  • Speed: Newer versions of the program reduce the number of database queries, while optimising the benefits provided by the current versions of PHP and MySQL. Stylesheets and Javascripts are compressed and combined via Minify and images are cached. The online shop therefore operates more quickly and more reliably.
  • Future-proof: There always comes a time when updating cannot be avoided. If your ISP updates its version of PHP, for example, your older version of Zen Cart will not even be supported any longer.

Updating to the current version of Zen Cart Shop (1.5.6) requires proper preparation. This is especially true if you’ve already incorporated extra features into your shop, which you wish to continue using. The preparation and deployment of the update therefore normally take place on a test system.

I specialise in updating to the current German language version (1.5.6) of Zen Cart, and am equipped with the required test systems. If you have your online shop updated by webchills, you can be sure that there will be no unpleasant surprises further down the line.

I have already carried out Zen Cart version updates for the following customers, among others: